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Trash To Treasure Garden Ideas That Will Transform Your Yard

Trash To Treasure Garden Ideas That Will Transform Your Yard

Do you spend a lot of time in your garden trying to make it just right? Most gardeners would never think of using trash to treasure garden ideas. Some people may not know what trash to treasure is, it is simply using things that would normally be trash to make a treasure for your garden.

Old car tires are a great way to turn your trash into a treasure. Just use an old tire and plant something beautiful in it. You can even use several tires if you have them and stack them however you want and plant something in each one. You will be surprised at just how gorgeous a tire can make a plant or flower planted in it look amazing.

You can use an old watering can to plant flowers in. The older and more beat up the watering tin is the better it will look, it will have a rustic look to it and the plants you put in it will even start to grow out through the spout of the tin. An old bicycle is also a great thing to use too. You can use the tires from the bike or use the entire bike.

If you have a plant with vines like Ivy you could plant it and put the bike right on top of it and the vines will grow up and around the bike and it will look so amazing. You could use a new bike but it will look better if you have an old time bike that is rusted. It gives it a rustic look and your friends will be amazed at the way you have used something that would normally have gone to the dump.

When you are looking for unique items to use in your garden just look around your home, garage and shed. You are bound to find things that you haven't used in many years. Just use your imagination to get an idea of what it would look like with plants growing out of it. Kitchen items are also a great place to look for old items to use like a tea kettle.

If you have a lot of old rain boots that you no longer use then use them to plant things in. They are adorable when you have plants growing out of them and if you use different colored ones it is even more adorable. An old ceramic bathtub or old mailbox also make great additions to any garden.

Old ceramic pots that you no longer use are also a great item to use. You really want to use old items and not anything new. The idea is to transform trash into treasures. You can even paint some of these items to make them even more appealing.

You probably have many items in your home that could be used in your garden and you probably do not even realize it. Take time to look around your home for items that could be used. When you are going through your house getting rid of old items, before you throw something out consider whether or not it would look good with a plant in it.

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