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Psych-K And The Whole Brain State

Psych-K And The Whole Brain State

Many people are not aware that they are being held back by the beliefs in their subconscious minds. They do not understand why they struggle so much to make progress towards physical, mental and emotional health. Psych-K is an effective method used to deal with these blockages in the subconscious mind. This method has existed for over 20 years and combines elements of both ancient wisdom and modern neuroscience.

According to ancient wisdom, the principles of harmony and balance observed in nature applied to humans too. Humans were simply part of an interconnected whole. As society began to turn towards the mentality of survival of the fittest, these principles came under attack. The loss of these has lead to feelings of being disconnected and a struggle for individuals to find any sense of purpose and meaning in life.

With progress in the field of neuroscience has come a greater understanding of how the brain functions. The two hemispheres of the brain have been found to function differently and to process different kinds of information. Past experiences, especially traumatic ones, affect functioning. A whole brain state, where both hemispheres are aligned, is the best state for changing subconscious programming.

These subconscious beliefs are like filters through which we respond to daily life. They form the basis for actions and reactions. As a result of these beliefs, we consider ourselves powerful or powerless, worthy or worthless, competent or incompetent, self-reliant or dependent and much more. As one can imagine, this has a serious effect on conscious goals.

When both left and right hemispheres are aligned, information flows swiftly and effectively between them. This state is referred to as the whole brain state. In this state, self-limiting beliefs can be accessed and changed most effectively. They can be changed from negative ones that hold the individual back to positive, life enhancing ones.

It is not difficult to access this state. Once it is accessed, stress levels are greatly reduced. Elevation to a different level of consciousness occurs. This process is different from a hypnotic state in that it does not put the authority in the hands of the instructor. You operate more as a team and in fact more authority usually resides with you as the client.

Both basic and more advanced workshops are offered, lead by carefully trained, certified instructors. The role of an instructor is to interact with the individual and facilitate the process in a dynamic way. Self-sabotaging beliefs are replaced with life, enriching, supportive beliefs. The process cannot really be learned from books and videos but is best taught by an instructor.

Dealing with negative beliefs is made possible by this effective, non-invasive method. Certified instructors facilitate this process and you will be quickly and simply freed of blockages that are holding you back. As a result, every area of your life, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually is changed for the better.

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