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8 Signs That It Is Time To See A Psychologist

8 Signs That It Is Time To See A Psychologist

There are moments when you feel stressed, sad, in grief or under intense conflict yet do not understand what is going on or what steps you should take. It is said that most of the people who require professional help are not seeking it. This begs the question, how do I know that it is time to see a psychologist Billings, MT?

Everything feels intense- sadness and anger are normal feelings from time to time. The problem arises when they are accompanied by negative and extreme perceptions. The anxiety becomes debilitating and super-sized. This indicates that you should seek psychological therapy.

You cannot stop thinking about the traumatic experience- job loss, breakup, death and such experiences can be overwhelming. With time, these feelings go away. In some cases, they are likely to prolong in a way that impairs your daily activity causing you to pull away from normal activities and friends. The reverse also happens at times where you get overly engaged. A professional will assist you to get back to your normal life.

Unexplained headaches, stomach upsets and weakened immune system- the physical body is a mirror of your emotional and psychological health. Diminishing sexual drive, persistent headaches and random stomach upsets point at deeper issues that require attention. Watch out for neck pains and unexplained muscle twinges and report them to your doctor who will recommend therapy.

Drop in performance- emotional stress gets manifested in your work. Your bosses and colleagues begin to give negative feedback. Your work is no longer interesting leading to loss of concentration and attention. The quality of your work is affected and begins to slip. This is the time to book an appointment with a psychological therapist.

Disinterest in activities you loved to engage- it never feels as interesting as it did to join family members and friends yet you were the most enthusiastic during such gatherings. They seem to have lost the point or purpose and come with a sense of unhappiness. A therapist will help you gain clarity and set off in a new direction.

Strained relationship- the first thing to suffer in the relationship is communication. The joy that you felt in the presence of your spouse is no longer there. The silence and withdrawal that results will affect the entire family and your spouse in particular. This calls for urgent psychological help from a professional.

Friends can see your condition- a close friend is able to identify when you are not OK. Most of them will not tell you until it has become totally abnormal. You will begin to hear them inquire if you are Okay or ask if you are talking to someone about your situation. Others will ask and claim that they are just concerned. This means that the condition has gone beyond you and can be seen without you saying it. Book the next appointment with your doctor.

You have turned to substances to cope- excessive drinking or substance abuse could be a pointer to a more intense underlying issue. The substances are mostly used to suppress a feeling that needs professional attention. In some cases, the abused substance could be food or even non-alcoholic drinks. They follow a feeling of the need to take care of yourself or intense stress.

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